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Callcenter, Bangalore, India
Design Delhi
Football in Rio
India Agriculture
Youth in Bitterfeld
Youth in Freising
Poona, India
Rodrigues, Mauritius
Scharia, Nigeria
Sumatra Orang Utan Project
Vietnam Religion
Magic School Cape Town

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Bangalore, India
Callcenter Industry

"A person in America dialing a customer service number is being forwarded to India by glass fibre cable, 20.000 miles through the oceans. Only those who ask learn that they are calling India - and not talking to a friendly Texan woman in Houston or Dallas. For every Indian call center agent there are two lists: one with American first names and one with last names. At the "Firstring" call center, there are 600 agents, among them 11 Tibetans. It was hard in the beginning - "One week of crying", says Tsering Lhamo a. k. a. Ashley Drew, aged 23. She says the Americans are rude and complain a lot. Obviously, you ring customer service when you have a problem. Some problems are dynamite."

Copy by Christian Litz in Allegra (women's magazine)


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